Really force brand new year, opened the core chapter

in every second time to shine, not only the TA your hands together ten of the time with you, wrist operation is accurate, and opened a new chapter in you. This year, with more than 150 years of legendary Swiss watchmaking watchmaking brand senior zenith launched special watches in classic design, El Primero's flagship series in the face of a new take on an altogether new aspect, to meet the arrival of the year.

since 1969, the legendary chronograph movement El Primero star speed has always been the best representative of the true power of the table when the factory's unique creativity. The name originated from the meaning of the word "first", and now it has become an important part of historical wealth. Unique "happy" window design concept came out in 2003 - in the 10 position of the dial, when the power of the unique window of a cloud shaped window is also exposed for centuries to run the brand spirit. The introduction of the design will soon become a symbol of the power plant when the real symbol.

true power flagship El Primero 1969 watches, priced at 68900


is the new year will have new weather, the legendary design watches really force this is really a force for men to build the flagship El Primero 1969 watch also has a new face -- the new table really subvert the force when launched in 1969, instead of using the new blue dial, excellent quality of filling a unique yet unassuming the more fit the light ripe men's pursuit of quality. 42 mm diameter forceful atmosphere, full of the unique atmosphere of the old gentleman. 10 position dial, showing the true "core" window, not only a more rugged metal frame, used blue steel screws to be fixed, and the attention of the blue dial echoes. Twelve time scales and two pointers were used faceted rhodium plating design, coated with Superluminova luminous materials, let time be more eye-catching and clear.

El Primero's flagship series of happy women's Chronograph, priced at 73800

It is time to shine and to

, for the design of the El's MS Primero's flagship series of fun chronograph, watchcase inlaid 0.65 carat diamond, beautiful and moving, the breakdown of life in the eternal light. The ingenuity of highly innovative visual effects is oval wonderful diamond contour outline, let more and more graceful and colorful flash. Watch the size of 38 mm is just perfect, with a circular dial cohesion female charm warm soft pearl shell material, El Primero Xingsu movement as a siliceous escapement in deep contrast windows under the happy staring device for reason and precision watchmaking spirit, only one eye, has touched the hearts of the charm.

whether it is a new color to re interpretation of the legendary men's timepiece, or is brought together with the mother of Pearl and diamond luster women's watch, they have the same heart, >