Pozzi Eli Buter Ravi series three time chronograph watch

the most beautiful time is always on the road, through the journey to find themselves, in the slow passage of time to think about the meaning of life. Only the right time, there will be a perfect travel experience. The Swiss top watch brand Laicheng Bao Qi Xian "play cool traveler" Bailawei series three time chronograph with you to solve the lag troubles, with three time display, precise timing function allows you to have no regrets only look forward to



for frequent travelers, the time zone has become a major obstacle to the journey. Very familiar with different time when the area met master problem: even if there is a world time zone map in hand, it is not easy to make clear to New York at 6 in the morning at noon in Zurich is 12, Tokyo is also the night time; the addition and subtraction, summer time, plus international flights to the world standard time (UTC) display. So many people have called chaos. However, as long as a delicate time zone in the hands of the clock, these problems will be easily solved. Pozzi Eli Buter Ravi series three chronograph, can display the three time zone, so you no longer time.

Pozzi Eli Buter Ravi series three time Chronograph Black

Set the

type three to cool blackThis new

released a new watch to cool black appearance, powerful diamond-like carbon coating case design makes the avatar of very cool guy style. Stainless steel case and watchband after the diamond-like carbon coating (Diamond-like-carbon) more complex processing, carbon high hardness, durable and lightweight characteristics play the most incisive; diamond-like carbon coating although very thin, but the carbon crystal structure and diamond similar case with diamond-like carbon coating, wear resistance and shock resistance greatly enhance. Deep matte black with breathtaking appearance character, black dial, light timer, time scale and scale. The layout of replica watches the structured design like nature itself.

Pozzi Eli Buter Ravi series three time Chronograph assembly CFB 1901 movement by Bucherer self-developed, with sophisticated timepiece test certificate. The crown set will be separated with clockwise, clockwise transmission wheel system, with one hour forward or backward propulsion unit (i.e., each pointer jump 30 degrees); in the process of movement continues to operate, the local time is correct.

has a fixed 24 Hour Dial inner circle, with the red pointer, can show the original residence time (+ second); in addition, the outer edge of the dial has a 24 hour rotating bezel, can display third time zone, but within the rotating bezel not by another crown but Replica omega the patent technology control, through 10 buttons for the position of the side.

Cool Travel Jiabao Zi Eli Buter Ravi series three time chronograph

10 position single button

10 when the position of the button on the side of the set direction (front / back) instructions, to determine the direction of the forward or after the set, the button once, the rotation of the internal table will be forward or backward for an hour;