The new challenger air racing Breitling Skyracer watch

Breitling series for the Challenger Breitling venture who features a new watch, the representative of advanced technology Breitlight® material case and sense of the black shape, show a series of young, dynamic, competitive challenger and enterprising spirit. The watch code (Skyracer), and the air racing brand campaign on behalf of Breitling exciting Red Bull aerobatic aircraft in the same game.

high performance, high efficiency, durable, Challenger series has always maintained its own watch as a military tradition of excellence in the past, reflecting the characteristics of all the real professionals wrist instruments. Now, with the launch of the perfect fusion of reliable technology and ingenious design, and has the high cost of the latest generation of watches, Breitling the series to a new level. It is also for these reasons, Breitling Challenger air racing watch in many rookies in talent shows itself.

lightweight and sturdy champion wrist watch: the wrist watch surface diameter of 45 mm, the case by the light texture and strong Breitlight®. The one and only this high-tech materials 3.3 times lighter than titanium, 5.8 times lighter than steel, and have many advantages: scratch, tensile deformation, corrosion resistance, anti magnetic super; anti allergic; warm touch than metal, more visual effects highlight its mottled novel originality.

Watch: the precise peerless champion watches with the Swiss official Observatory certification (COSC) of the SuperQuartz super precision temperature compensation quartz movement, ten times higher than the standard quartz movement.

Watch: legible champions against the black background and red tone, white luminous hands and logo like a dashboard like sharp and clear, with double anti dazzle processing of sapphire crystal, can accurately read in any environment.

excellent shock champion Watch: this watch is equipped with a reinforced protective device into the rubber cutting table crown, the convex ring gasket can be perfect protection table mirror.


Challenger air racing watch waterproof up to 100 meters (330 feet), equipped with decorative bezel indicator, convenient for reading the rotating bezel, and an additional 24 hours (military) dial, also has the exclusive Black Rubber watchband with different measuring scales, suitable for use with the adventurer. The portion of the strap has a 1:25000 and a 1:50000 scale, with a portion of centimeters and inches at 6 o'clock. Compact detachable fastening system, convenient for the wearer to quickly and easily remove the strap, as a measurement tool to use, and then the same can be easily completed reloading.


Challenger air racing watch only for extraordinary achievement, speed and challenge, to show the high performance aircraft flight racing team Breitling MXS-R "Skyracer" >